The academic conference “Extremal Combinatorics and Discrete Geometry” will take place at Adyghe State University.


Adyghe State University

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)

Caucasus Mathematical Center

Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Conference Languages:
  • Russian;
  • English.
Main Topics:
  • Extremal combinatorics;
  • Graph theory and hypergraphs;
  • Random graphs;Coding theory;
  • Enumerative combinatorics;
  • Game theory;
  • Combinatorial geometry.
Program Committee
  • A.M. Raigorodskii (Moscow, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), Chair of the committee;
  • D.K. Mamiy (Maykop, Adyghe State University);
  • A.V. Savvateev (Maykop, Adyghe State University);
  • M.E. Zhukovskii (Moscow, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology).